Feed Starving People Crowdfunding Campaign


queue of people waiting for food

COVID-19 and Hunger

COVID-19 is threatening the health and life of people around the world. But there is another thing more deadly and urgent than the Coronavirus: HUNGER

There are 86 million people below the poverty line in Pakistan, and Coronavirus pandemic has increased this number significantly. (UNDP, 2016). They need to earn every day in order to eat. 

For these daily wagers, HUNGER is a far bigger challenge than Coronavirus. There is no work and there is no sign of economy coming to normalcy.  

What I plan to do is research the most deserving people myself and deliver the necessary food items AT THEIR DOORSTEP.

But I cannot do this alone. Here, I request everyone watching this to contribute whatever they can to help provide FOOD to these people. Every little helps!

I haven’t got a big budget to promote this campaign, and I rely on YOU to spread the word. So please share this message to your social media as well as any other avenue that you might have.

Thanks for feeding a hungry person.

Let’s defeat COVID-19 and hunger, before they defeat us.


Once the campaign gathers enough funds, we will start delivering food and post videos of our efforts below…

women queued for aid during covid-19

Comments or Suggestions? Please feel free to drop me a message.